Plastic Drawdown

A new approach to addressing plastic pollution

Plastic Drawdown is currently the most comprehensive approach for governments to understand plastic waste flows and optimise policies to tackle ocean pollution.

The approach includes a wedges methodology to support decision makers to rapidly identify key plastic flows and make optimised and effective policy interventions to reduce or ‘drawdown’ the flow of ocean plastic pollution.

“A healthy planet is not just a low carbon one, we must regenerate all our ecosystems, our rivers and ocean are choking with plastics, Plastic Drawdown is an important tool in halting plastic waste flows into the ocean.”
Paul Hawken
Author of Drawdown

Why Plastic Drawdown?

Plastic pollution is a pressing global issue with many transboundary environmental and social implications, which are magnified by an expanding world population, rapid economic growth and a globalised culture of disposable consumption.

Plastic is now found in our planet’s wildest and most remote habitats. Evidence mounts of how it not only harms precious wildlife and damages ecosystems but permeates the food we eat and the air we breathe.

Assessing Current Waste